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Superman vs Al Gore

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 10:17 pm† †Post subject: Superman vs Al Gore Reply with quote
Pitting evolution against creation is like watching a battle between Superman and Al Gore. It may seem one has the upper hand against the other, but in all actuality the fight cannot even take place. For either entity to really attack the other is ludicrous simply because there is no harm one can actually do the other.
Evolutionist are people who base there knowledge on what can be considered fact. People who put their money on creation donít need facts. What they have is faith-based. Unfortunately for people who use evolution as a weapon against creation, it doesnít work. If someone is really sold on the whole ďGodĒ thing, then no amount of caveman skulls and layers of rock will convince them. Unfortunately for the people who use creation as a weapon against evolution, it doesnít work that way either. If someone is sold on evolution then itís going to take more than ďthe Bible said itĒ to convince them otherwise. The two are different possibilities of the origin of life, but no one will ever know for sure. Weíll never dig up a bone or a fossilized fern leaf and say ďAh-ha! God does/doesnít exist!Ē
I have a real problem with religion being used as a weapon anyway. I am a Christian, and probably would be considered a fundamental one by some people. But I believe the real problem with Christianity is that itís supposed to be an inward thing. Of course the core principals of Christianity are to love God and to love others before yourself. But Christians want to go around pointing fingers, burning witches, and bombing abortion clinics. Paulís letter to the Romans says ďall have sinned.Ē and we forget that each of us individually are included in the word ďallĒ. So when you start focusing on changing yourself thatís where the power of Christianity comes alive. When you use it to force everyone else to live as you say and not as you do, and when you use it promote an agenda, or to look down your nose at the ďsinnersĒ around you, youíve missed the point, and your faith is a waste of time. My beliefs are my own. If you want to know what they are, Iíll tell you. If you donít, itís none of my business cramming it down your throat. Jesus didnít do business that way. I wonít either. So when it comes to evolution, I wish Christians would stop trying to force people to teach about Adam and Eve because it doesnít benefit anyone. Not you. Not them.
I also have a hard time believing that if evolution is true then there was no one who organized it in the first place; that there isnít some sort of something guiding us down the right way. So I find fault with those also who think evolution in itself will bring down religion. I think some people who support evolution have a definite agenda against faith. They fear that acknowledging a higher power would also acknowledge a set of moral truths, which would acknowledge that there is no moral relativism. They are afraid of being wrong. In doing so they have closed their minds to religion as a whole, just as some of those who are religious have closed their mind to science.
Isnít it possible to find common ground and end the argument once and for all. Isnít it possible that God created using something like evolution? C.S. Lewis outlined an idea like that in the final chapters of ďMere ChristianityĒ. Iím just saying, the argument is pointless. Neither side will ever convince the other. Neither party has any means of attacking the other. Neither has anything to gain from destroying the other except a little more unneeded self-righteousness.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 10:25 pm† †Post subject: Reply with quote
I don't think evolution will bring down religion. I think the internet will bring down religion...


People's fascination for religion and superstition will disappear within a few decades as television and the internet make it easier to get information, and scientists get closer to discovering a final theory of everything, leading thinkers argue today.;feed=1

Check out this article, it is interesting...
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 6:41 am† †Post subject: Reply with quote
Welcome edmund, hows narnia?
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