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PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 1:02 am    Post subject: Re: Hell Reply with quote
Russell wrote:
Why do so many people believe in hell? Specially the ones who say that we'll go to hell for not believing? But lets take a step back... Hell... firy place right? NOPE, that's a new term but in the old texts, it was the absense of god... ok... so.. Hell = where god is not... ok remember that... So the bible says this, and now... get this.. god is everywhere right? NOT everywhere except hell, but EVERYWHERE! Thus hell does not exist and anyone who goes there does not exist, so how can you suffer? Atheists believe that you do that anyway... so wow... big scare there... eiter way what we say is going to happen WILL happen... ok... now lets skip back to the part where the concept of Hell changed... and there was a time that 60 years at least, the NT was yet to be written about Jesus... word of mouth... and even AFTER it was written the concept of Hell changed... concept of Jesus could change... and I think that there is a show on the natural geographic channel about that this week... We should watch it!

Perhaps the analogy of a castle will help you understand. The King and his loyal subjects are feasting in the great hall while the King's enemies are held in the dungeon. While the King is quite capable of visiting the dungeon whenever he chooses, he spends most of his time with those he loves. Those in the dungeon experience the absence of the King, those in the Hall experience his presence but he is King of the whole castle.
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