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ESPN: Liberal, Conservative WTF?

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2008 2:11 am    Post subject: ESPN: Liberal, Conservative WTF? Reply with quote
I remember when that retarded idea the "Fairness Doctrine" was being thrown around, the argument was the Conservatives were getting more TV time than liberals. Conservatives pointed out that over 70% (I dont know the actual number) of television is liberal and that also included sports aka ESPN. I dont know how anyone could see that ESPN leans either direction but maybe because of these points;

1. Rush Limbaugh was fired from there after a stupid comment directed at Donnavan McNabb

2. Keith Olberman prior to MSNBC was a sportscaster for them

3. A few months ago Michael Wilbon took a pot shot at Limbaugh at the end of PTI. (I caught it at the very end so I dont even remember what it was)

4. Tony Kornheiser is known for hanging with Republican elites (based on rumors)

4a. Both Korhnheiser and Wilbon came from the Washington Post which is sometimes considered a right wing paper

5. Jim Rome every now and then takes pot shots at Bill Clinton and has taken shots at Jon Stewart as well

6. Some have compared the annoying voice and idiotic attitude of Colin Cowherd to Michelle Malkin

So Im curious does anyone here think ESPN has some sort of political bias?
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