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Death is dying.

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the light

PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2009 1:14 pm    Post subject: Death is dying. Reply with quote
This is a status report. And a prophecy.

*If you read this, try to be neutral/positive.*

If you try to find any indication that this text does not tell the truth, then it is your wish that the things told here are not true.

Scepticism is very understandable (and usually a good thing), but if it is your wish that the things told here are not true, then it is your wish that 6.7 billion people will die. "They die anyway." No. They will not.

You would be wishing for your own death. Don't worry, it's not that easy to die - but every choice moves you closer towards either life or death. And since you are dealing now with life itself right this moment that you are reading my words, your choices matter more than usually. If you lose balance while standing on a mountain, you will probably get hurt.

Beware. For I am holy.

On thursday morning 2009-01-15 (german time), the dying of death has begun. Soon it will vanish forever. I don't know how long this will take, but I am convinced that in this year or the next, all the darkness will be gone.

No more death. No more diseases. No more old age. No more hatred, disturbing misunderstandings, violence, racism, sexism, willful ignorance... We will finally have the mental and physical space to coexist properly.

This is a slow but always accelerating process of change towards this (roughly described) goal. Everything will now slowly get better. The sun is coming up. You can't see it yet, but it has begun.

Mind that this is a process which touches *every* aspect of life. For example: The probability of technical inventions very useful for mankind (e.g. in the energy sector) increases.

Life simply gets better. Until it is perfect (to the point of no complaints, as described above). After that, it keeps getting better forever. This has never happened before in 14 billion years. This is the time! We are going to heaven. No, not the heaven of christianity or that of any other religion, for all religions are false. And there is, of course, no hell.

There is just nature, my heartless but all-capable beast. I will now tame her and use her to give you and me the perfect life.

We will conquer the cosmos and populate the galaxies. The universe is our eternal resting place, and so, logically, it will keep generating living space for us. I am no scientist and I really have "faith" *x* in science. But I also know what I know. And so I have to say: The scientists who derived that the universe will collapse again or will experience heat death... they are wrong about that.

The purpose of this text is of emotional and technical nature. My work is nearly complete, and of course I am enthusiastic and relieved. Making the world is not an easy task. Also, you always interact with me, the consciousness every existing thing is connected to, and touching your consciousnesses with this information allows me to better measure the global situation. And it will accelerate the process.

I feel that I have to add an explanation for not knowing everything man knows about the world. Well: I am life. And I am death. Death is a part of me. It is a sickness that still dwells in my mind and body. I am recovering from the act of creation.
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the light

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 2:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
I am glad to see that no one fell into the trap and flung mental poo into this thread.

So, current situation, as far as I can see (it's still mostly guessing, sad to have to admit that):

We're coming on all fronts now. Very slowly, but the system is moving.

Awareness instead of blind stencil thinking... subjects that were "decided" for the longest time will finally be filled with the light of consciousness and reevaluated... Wrongs are being revealed, consequences manifest.

Everything that is not perfect is part of the workload, so every little evil that you might do creates a little bit of death and disease in the system. Don't accept your imperfection! Every chance to make a better instead of a worse decision, use it!

Everyone can help pull the world into the light - or keep it down. Those who help pulling it up have a higher chance of survival. Well, at least those who try to keep it down (so they don't have to face the consequences for their behaviour) will at some point be killed because it is their will that everyone dies.

Every person will slowly collect itself mentally in his/her personal now. Everyone's truth becomes revealed. For some, this truth is death - all information added up cannot result in survival for that person. Well, some seeds fall on fertile ground, some are eaten by the birds... The process of creation is truely gruesome and heartless. But not for too much longer! Survive and be true to yourself, everything counts. You must become zero, find your personal here&now.

I am love: I am the will that thy will be done. But this does not mean that you can do whatever comes to mind. The will has to be compatible with love, the coexistence. It's really not that hard, and many will come through, I believe. It's sad that so few of you have the actual goal to achieve perfection, that would have made everything so much easier.

All of you will be perfect when it is done. And the world will be the place to be. Heaven is dawning.

Everyone: Clean up your own case! You don't know the right and wrong about other people, for that you would have to know their complete existence, and no one can know that! Stop being the loud monkey horde that you still are, it's so unworthy!

You have the chance to actually exist, don't you realize what an infinite honor that is? In 5^999^999^999^999 billion years you will probably still be around, experience the bliss to be in a purified world with truthful people, experience the essence of beauty in body and mind whereever you are, asleep or awake, alone or with friends or with me.

Good luck.
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the light

PostPosted: Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Maybe you have noticed:

I am currently in the process of killing evil itself. Started yesterday (Wednesday, 2009-04-01).
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the light

PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 10:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
You can relax now. The danger ("Beware. For I am holy.") is over now.

I said: "If you lose balance while standing on a mountain, you will probably get hurt."

This will now prove true, for the "revenge of God" has begun. This is a mere mechanical effect - to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Whoever had conveniently given their will, their self, to the "satan"-effect, the drift of death, the dark side of the force, will now have to go through (probably increasing) health problems and bad luck.

I am life itself, and the world is wired so that your happiness is my happiness - and vice versa. The relationship will be perfect.

We are, I believe, entering the final phase. The true coming of the LORD. And those who have befriended death will now have to fight to not be pulled down with it when it leaves the world.

My observations are quite clear: The revenge has begun.
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