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A question for Govenor Palin about stem-cell research

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anonymous in Missouri

PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:17 pm    Post subject: A question for Govenor Palin about stem-cell research Reply with quote
I read this e-mail today and thought I would post it here so if other people want to pass it around to their email contacts or post it on other forums. I thought it was a valid question with valid points.

Govenor Palin,

I watched your speech last night. You talked about 'special needs' children... understandable since you are the mother of a special needs child. I have a 'special needs' child myself who suffers from Type I Juvenile Diabetes.... so...understandably..... my primary question to you is this:

Will you support expanded funding of embryonic stem-cell research if you become Vice President of the United States...or..will you continue, like your party, to keep the breaks on?

The congress and senate have passed this bill twice so frankly you can't say the Congress has been 'do nothing' on this issue. President Bush (who you didn't bother to mention last night ) has vetoed it twice, even though there was a provision in that bill to give those who oppose it the option of having their left-over petrie dish embryos designated to the medical waste trash bin (as is the current practice) rather than to give them to research labs. -- It's interesting that President Bush and his base approve of scientific research if it can fill barren evangelical wombs but disaprove of medical research that attempts to find cures for our kids; one of those things that make you hmmmm?

On this issue will you give us change....or just more of the same republican roadblocks? Will you be a 'maverick' and break with your party's base on this issue or cast your lot with them? John McCain has said in the past that he supports it, so I'm also curious to know if he will continue to do so....or will he cave in on this too... if he is elected? It's very important to me to know where you stand on this issue because the Vice President is in a position to influence the President's policies.

I hope this question makes it to you. It seems to be getting deleted at republican forums where I've tried to bring it up (a very unAmerican practice on their part if you ask me).

To all who the people who receive this email please feel free to PASS IT AROUND!


Midwestern Mom

P.S. On a side note -- Someone really should remind Rudi Giuliani that 9/11 happened on a Republican Watch. He was the republican mayor of NYC and the Republican party controlled all three branches of the federal government on 9/11. The Senate and the Congress had already been controlled by the Republican party for several years... and with the election of George W. Bush that gave them all three branches....a slam dunk you might say. -- That puts them in the "elite" position of bearing the responsibility for failing to protect the American public. ("Returning responsibilty to government" was, after all, one of your GOP talking points in 2000...right?)

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." -- Abraham Lincoln

It's time for the GOP to name it and claim it where 9/11 is concerned. Your continued attempts to pass yourselves off as the best choice for protecting us from terrorists doesn't fool all the people, all the time ....anymore.
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